Problem Statement

Design a mobile feature in Wish that could allow shoppers to engage with one another. How could doing so increase shopping behaviour and sales?


Overview & Background

How might we bring “community” into Wish?

Cultivating a community of shoppers can be a strong tool in creating engagement and retention while bringing like-minded people together to share and shop. 


Introducing content creation opportunities for app users to share shopping experiences and spark conversations  — Wish Community encourages shopper and merchant communities to come together in one place 



A community feature that provides shoppers with an enhanced product browsing experience containing rich media content.

Content ranging from videos, photos and blog posts of Wish experiences that encourage viewers to interact and engage on.



Videos and interactive content have the ability to connect with people in quite a personal way. They're powerful tools of influence when matched with the right voices. And those voices are commonly known as influencers.

They inform, educate and inspire audiences all around the world. Whether it's a shopping haul video on YouTube, photo on Instagram, hashtag on Twitter or status rant on Facebook — we've all been exposed to some form of engaging content or individual that persuades us to think, or in this case, purchase!   




While interviewing a range of online shoppers, I've learned that the most important type of content a user values before making a purchase is a video review or product photo. Most commonly, video hauls from YouTubers and photos from Instagram influencers, provide informative opinions and visual proof that provide shoppers with the confidence to go forward and purchase.



From these findings, it led me to design a community feature that focuses on an enhanced product browsing experience for shoppers. More quality product reviews featured within the app will ultimately allow shoppers to trust where they're purchasing from. 

Successful influencers are crucial in delivering this experience and will help build trustworthy customer-merchant relationships.


Design Process






Competitive Benchmarking 

analyzing additional e-commerce apps 

Community engagement within online mobile shopping is not new — so it was important to understand the implementation of this type of feature among similar competitors. AliExpress, Sephora and YouTube are analyzed. 





Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 4.02.48 PM.png




Instagram / Stories





Continuous Iteration

Early phase wireframe interface and navigation design sketches. Considering potential constraints and focusing on features that provide the most value.


Design ideation D visualized:

Featured Wish shopper photos and videos are displayed, once shoppers select a media type they're interested in (example video), they're able to watch and listen to a product experience directly on the app, then purchase featured items mentioned under the 'Shop this look' tab.


Design ideation C/D visualized: 

High level overview of the envisioned 'Wish Community' user flow containing a 'Trending Now' and 'Featured' section which focus on 'Trending Now' content that could specialize in a user's previous product search history.

The 'Featured' section could build on collaborations within merchants and influencers to produce content focusing on building store exposure through video, photo or blog post reviews created by influencers. (This would require additional focus on effective communication design to showcase the value to both parties)

'Join the Conversation' is a CTA for any interested user to become an influencer and share their personal shopping experience. The circled placeholders serve as a potential 'Wish Stories' feature to showcase small instant video clips. 


Influencer Focused

While reviewing the social media presence of Wish Shopping — I found YouTube to have the most potential from seeing a handful of video content such as hauls, product reviews and unboxing type media that featured influencers documenting their Wish experiences.

How might we leverage existing Wish-related content to drive sales?   


Constraints to also consider:

Negative reviews, moderation of content and commenting, approval process



How will we bring influencers and merchants together? 

INFLUENCERS WILL HELP merchants gain more STORE exposure:  

  • Potential to expand tutorials within Wish For Merchants, educating business owners on the benefits of influencers promoting their products

  • Opportunity to develop relationships between influencers and businesses to collaborate

  • Helping influencers with job opportunities to produce content, merchants are connected to interested influencers, Wish connecting these relationships for additional fees

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 3.35.16 PM.png


Existing merchant increased exposure opportunities

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 4.29.38 PM.png


How might we inform merchants the benefits of these exposure opportunities?

merchant support tutorials:  

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 4.30.47 PM.png


Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 12.44.18 PM.png

Utilizing Wish's existing design styles and considering brand alignment, this was the initial final community user flow I decided to pitch — which focuses greatly on user-generated content from influencers, potentially generating relationships with merchants to review and introduce new products.

In addition, focus on displaying international shoppers and trends would be a unique way to celebrate the many shopper and merchant communities utilizing the app.

Visual ui detail changes


Wish Community

  • Potential icon proposal resembling iconography of togetherness and people

  • Value proposition and call to action description to greet users


Discussion Opportunity 

  • Allowing engagement from other shoppers within the app to begin conversations


Purchase Prompts

  • Draw of attention to purchase exact product when featured within a certain time period of the video

  • Call out link to merchant store


Follow Up Feedback from User Testing

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 4.25.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 12.44.47 PM.png

After Interview Learnings

It was a great opportunity to interview for a product design position with Wish, I learned a lot from my interview with Jennifer and received great insight on additional business constraints to consider.

I'm grateful for the feedback and a few days after the interview I came up with additional design alternatives. I considered more pros and cons of each design adjustment made and put more focus on minor visual design details which I've displayed within the top hero image. I plan to upload additional changes on my portfolio very soon!


tools utilized

Sketch, Photoshop


Video and Image Credit

Created Hero Banner/Screenshot Image —

YouTube Video Screenshots — Wish Shopping, YouTube Influencers: Mia Maples, Raven_Wynn, Kevy Blog