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Aug - Sept 2018


Walmart E-Commerce App: UX Research - Mobile Lists

Walmart Canada launched My Lists on their e-commerce mobile app on July 2019. The app allows customers to build and create a favourites list, while also introducing a previous purchases and recommended grocery list.

Prior to launch, I created a working prototype to test proposed concepts and led a usability research study to understand how customers approached the viewing experience of various list displays.


1. Define

Generative research study conducted to understand the value mobile lists brings to the app

2. Research

Research brief and participant criteria set up for

3. Prototype

Prototype and motion design planned for usability testing

customer outcomes.png

Project Deliverables

  • Creation of research brief and identifying participant criteria

  • Create and align prototype to platform

  • Analyze and synthesize research findings


1. Define

  • The current proposal is to create a general My Lists tab that includes favourites, previous purchases and grocery re-order.

  • Generative research on will be conducted to understand customer preferences and behaviour when interacting with lists.


  • List organization allows for ease of use when browsing through products, whether a customer may be sorting through current or future product purchases.

  • Customers having the option to save existing product preferences and/or receive recommendations for products to re-purchase may be valuable when shopping.



Research Goals

  1. Explore whether or not customers are utilizing the saving and favourites feature

  2. Gather feedback on how customers view the multiple lists proposal (Top tab bar titles)

  3. Observe how customers interact with the heart icon to save products while browsing - used to gather rapid customer feedback for the generative research study

Trello - synthesizing and comparing research results with team

3. Prototype

List View - V1 (iOS)


Added to Favourites

Customer re-taps heart to remove

Customer re-taps heart to remove


Remove from Favourites

Swipe left, removes from list

Swipe left, removes from list


Grid View - V1 (iOS)



  • This was my first UX research project I was able to take the lead on and own the end-to-end research process from test plan to proposed design recommendations

  • is an incredibly useful tool to conduct multiple tests and gather results from targeted participants, the platform allowed easy annotation with audio clipping

  • Due to development effort constraints, a few proposed design recommendations were not considered for the final release


With this being my first project on the Walmart account, it was great a great reflection of the value of user research to gather feedback and test usability before executing.

My research and recommendations was handed off to another design team mate as I began a new project to lead UX on the in-store mobile team and since then, the release for the feature was pushed out a year due to new prioritization.

There were many changes made since I’ve touched it, but I’m happy to have played a role in influencing the scrollable tab navigation between lists.


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