(Certainly might look like we’re not paying attention on our phones but we’re really using Trello to keep track of user testing tasks)

(Certainly might look like we’re not paying attention on our phones but we’re really using Trello to keep track of user testing tasks)


Scan & Go: In-Store App — UX

The past three months so far at SapientRazorfish, I’ve been working with the wonderful mobile apps team leading research for Walmart Canada’s mobile e-commerce app lists feature and now leading UX/product design direction on the in-store app’s end-to-end experience.

I can’t speak too much into detail on these new features yet as some of the work is still confidential until release, but I’d be happy to speak verbally on some of the process taken so far.

Key highlights & takeaways so far —

  1. Ensure Consistent Alignment

    Working in an agile environment in two week sprints with POs, developers and QA; it’s crucial to ensure everyone involved is on board with the direction of where the product is going as early as possible and avoid losing time going back and forth.

    Communicating timelines for development to have certain builds and devices ready in time for testing was essential in order to complete on-site testing that aligned with store associate participants availability.

  2. Doubled Edged Sword: UX Research and Design

    My first project involved conducting research on a redesigned feature for lists for the e-commerce mobile app. I was handed over an existing design proposal from a previous designer on the team to test out. I studied the designs and came up with potential hypotheses in order to create usability test scripts aimed to validate the importance of the feature changes.

    Research involves a lot of careful consideration when conducting moderated testing in order to ensure there is no bias or attachment to a design. It’s important to speak without leading questions a desired direction and not take offence to honest feedback. As I was tasked to test a previous design, I remained neutral but noted the real value in hearing honest user feedback to gather greater context when it came back to designing.

  3. Narrowing Scope

    During planning meetings with the team, it’s important to ensure user stories are clearly defined and prioritized by the product owner in order to effectively find an aspect to narrow in on.

    When transitioning on to leading the UX for Scan & Go, testing the in-app payment flow was one of my first big tasks. It was important for me to understand what we were aiming to gain from the testing, so ensuring I received hypotheses from the product owner to further validate was crucial before running tests.



Walmart Canada / Agency: SapientRazorfish

Project Area

Product Design & UX Research / Mobile Apps Team


Scan & Go: In-Store App

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I led user research facilitation, testing new in-store Mobile features at Local Walmart stores