RealTalk.Careers is a career advice website that aims to change the way high school students make decisions about life after graduation and their careers. I was tasked to lead the redesign of the Discover page to assist students in exploring the range of new career advice profiles posted daily.



The discover page user experience and style is inconsistent with the existing Real Talk home page.

Users browsing the website that click through Browse all or Discover are taken to a page that seems out of place with the home page.


RealTalk.Careers Discover Page prior to March 2018

research OVERVIEW

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.37.42 PM.png

User testing feedback notes and brainstorming



  • Introducing a dispersed card style format and grid layout to showcase multiple career profile features and optimize the webpage space
  • Filtering options allow one to search by multiple characteristic traits 
  • Re-positioning of search bar towards the filtering buttons providing students with immediate access to search specific keywords 
  • Consistent CTA link colours to prompt actions

Final Iterations



This was one of my first remote freelance projects, it was a great opportunity between my developer partner and I to explore different workflow methods to collaborate as efficiently as possible. We were given a timeline of three weeks to complete this project and were effective in our continuous iteration process while receiving feedback from students and our main stakeholder client.

For the future, additional design research, organization of research study plans and further formalized testing will be put towards new developments of the website. 

tools utilized

Sketch, Zeplin 

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