Design Challenge   

How might we improve the McDonald's restaurant experience and focus on meeting the needs of customers of all ages while maintaining a personalized experience every visit? 


Overview & Background

McYou is a branding exploration for the re-design of the McDonald's Arch Deluxe campaign that failed in 1996 due to customer confusion, attempting to exclude children and offer a menu item exclusively for adults. McYou focuses more towards an inclusive brand, stripping away the original intention of sophistication and valuing original brand concepts of an inclusive family-friendly environment and good value. 

With role guidance from FourSight innovative thinking, my group members ― Russell, Effie, Jiamin and I, collaborated based on our individual strengths of clarification, ideation, development and implementation. We utilized the five-day Design Sprint process by Google Ventures to structure our timeline process. 


day one

Defining the Problem

― Arch Deluxe was a failed attempt towards offering a gourmet menu item to a sophisticated and urban demographic 

― Campaign focused on delivering a sophisticated premium burger with a 'grown up taste' 

― Advertising showed direct comparisons of children counter-intuitively shunning the burger 

― The campaign was launched in North America in 1996, soon discontinuing and now known as one of the most expensive marketing campaign flops of all time 

― McDonald's was focused on broadening their image, rather than cultivating their family-friendly relationship as a fast food chain brand 


Documenting sprint questions ―

From initial individual idea generation to group synthesis share out

Mapping out the existing product and customer experience ―


Understanding the Arch Deluxe original intention, evaluating reasons it failed ―

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 6.31.38 PM.png

Competitor Analysis ―

Evaluation of existing successful product and service design experiences within the fast food industry, ranging from simplified menu structure, upstream ordering and social media marketing campaigns.


defining themes and insights ―

Key words and terms    ― simplify, inclusive, conscious, customer confusion, kids, brand meaning, appeal, customer expectations, represent full scope

Key words and terms ― simplify, inclusive, conscious, customer confusion, kids, brand meaning, appeal, customer expectations, represent full scope

Day two


Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 6.16.54 PM.png


Decision Making


From ideas ranging from focusing on customized mobile ordering, social media campaigns, meal customization variations, educational happy meal toys ― we found a trend in all our ideas centralizing on the common theme of personalization

Mapping out story board of potential user flow within marketing strategy 

Mapping out story board of potential user flow within marketing strategy 

day four

Prototyping + Testing

We began with prototyping a physical prototype, mimicking a McDonalds burger package, stripping away at any existing nutrition facts and labelling down to a simple clean canvas to work off of. Prototyping quickly, we focused more of our efforts towards the conceptual marketing strategy but still kept in mind future business requirements and needs for our pitch presentation. 

Effie and Jiamin focused on the physical prototype elements and creative advertising, while Russell and I spearheaded the user interface and user experience design of the new feature integration for the digital kiosk prototype. 

Visiting a local McDonald's restaurant to experience the kiosk hands on before prototyping our new feature 

Visiting a local McDonald's restaurant to experience the kiosk hands on before prototyping our new feature 


Presently, McDonald's has been integrating the use of digital self-order kiosks and mobile ordering into their restaurants. Leveraging the growth of these systems, we hope to combine our new prototype experience within the kiosk and we've developed a conceptual feature for the kiosk interface to be added. 

Within the five day sprint, we were able to put together a digital prototype for presentation of a customer's interaction with the new feature.

Given the limited time frame, we weren't able to fully perfect the visual design of the UI. Though here are some  of my personal thoughts and improvements to consider:

  • Visual design adjustments to be made for the UI, such as colour choice (red may enable a more alert and violent mood
  • Visibility of information presented to a customer (type size could be enlarged for add-ons) 
  • Error prevention escapes should be available at all times (buttons that allow a customer to go back, eliminate or edit their options should be clarified) 
  • Content design language could be more fun and engaging towards the existing brand (more research towards McDonalds existing tone and voice guidelines)
  • Additional click through option offerings for a customer to directly share their experience or provide feedback
First preliminary UI design test

First preliminary UI design test

day five


Our team pitched as the McArches and received the most recognition for our solution formulation amongst three other teams. Working on the McYou campaign was a great opportunity to work critically on re-designing a failed product and engage ourselves in GV's design thinking process. 

Being able to pitch our campaign and product to our peers and instructor gave us great insight into how well our research and validated design decisions were executed, but also lead into some additional considerations towards improvement.


Reflection + Future Steps

McYou became a crossroad of a new branding campaign exploration (completely getting rid of the Arch Deluxe concept), service design challenge (utilizing the self serve kiosk experience) and product offering (personalized McYou package design). 

Our team took the challenge of the Arch Deluxe's failure, re-branding it completely and re-framing the audience focus from a specific sophisticated, adult demographic to being inclusive of everyone. Rather than focusing on the perfect recipe and menu offering for everyone, we played on the importance of personalization and built off existing offerings of customized 'build your own burgers' and self-serve kiosks. We created the McYou campaign to showcase that every customer of McDonald's becomes a part of the brand and that we don't intend to be limited to a specific demographic. 

McYou has many growth opportunities and if I were to explore this further I would want to expand into additional touch points aside from the in-store order experience. 

Marketing opportunities 

  • Collectively gathering all images of McYou customers with their permission, further reaching out to them to share a potential story they have with the McDonalds brand 
  • Creating an online digital archive of McYou faces and stories to go along with the people 
  • Featuring personalized local McYou burgers and offering it to other customers may be interested in trying out (perhaps a weekly curation for customers to vote for online)
  • Contest opportunities to become a McDonalds brand ambassador 
  • Online hashtag exposure, encouraging customers to share their McYou experience online 

Design opportunities

  • Opportunities to extend further towards offering direct mobile ordering  
  • Memory recognition of customers previous menu orders to be automatically displayed on next visit 

tools utilized

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Experience Design / FourSight Innovation, Google Ventures Design Sprint  

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