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QuickBooks Online Accountant


Mountain View,


QuickBooks Online:
Find an Accountant,
Education Tour


May - Aug 2017


QuickBooks US: QB Online Accountant Design Team

Intuit QuickBooks: Interaction Design Internship

It was an incredible opportunity to have joined one of Intuit’s core product teams as an interaction design intern for the summer. I was one of seven design interns at the Mountain View, California office, being the sole interaction design intern for the QuickBooks Online Accountant Experience Design team.

My main projects were conducting research for the QuickBooks Find An Accountant web platform and designing a new end to end online experience for the QuickBooks Education Training Tour.


Internship HIGHLIGHTS —

  • Visiting the Intuit Texas office, participating in Intuit's 3rd Annual Design Week Hackathon event and pitching new Intuit Tax Online feature concepts

  • Presenting design work for Intuit QuickBook’s VP of Design, Leslie Witt and executive design team during a bi-weekly design share out

  • Participating in “Follow Me Home” qualitative research studies with QuickBooks Find An Accountant product team

  • Experienced living in the SF Bay Area for the summer and gained incredible lifelong mentors, friendships and memories

Projects —


QuickBooks Find An Accountant

Working with the QuickBooks Experience Design: Find an Accountant team; I worked cross-functionally alongside my interaction design mentor, Gabe Sargenti and product manager, Ray Choi.

We conducted ethnographic research at small businesses across the San Francisco Bay Area and invited business owner participants into Intuit’s Mountain View HQ Innovation Lab to understand what customers value when searching for an accountant.

QuickBooks Find an Accountant (ProAdvisor) - June 2017

QuickBooks Find an Accountant (ProAdvisor) - June 2017


Customer Interviews

I conducted 6 one-on-one interviews and conducted tests on two web page design walkthroughs with participants that hired an accountant each year to complete taxes.

During the interviews, I analyzed participant attitudes towards searching for an accountant and probed for opportunities to build an enhanced search experience.



Reviewing notes and recordings from the interviews, I was able to identify common pain points and identified areas of improvement to translate into design recommendations.


Key Finding & Opportunities

  1. Accountant vs. ProAdvisor Differentiator

  2. Location Search by Zip Code

  3. Professional Photo

  4. Contact Information

  5. Certification Badges

  6. Reviews and Ratings

  7. Specializations



QuickBooks Education Training Tour

During my internship at Intuit, I worked with the QuickBooks Accountant Education team and was able to own the design direction for the QuickBooks Online Education Training Tour; one of Intuit’s largest roadshow events that provides free, in-person training events for accountants.

I developed wireframes, designed mockups and interactive prototypes to improve the end-to-end experience for event registration to reach QuickBooks 2 million users.

This project was a great learning experience for me because I was able to learn to work within constraints, prioritize user needs, work with remote teams and design an event registration framework that could be implemented across future Intuit events.

Backend: Certain (Enterprise Event Automation)

Backend: Certain (Enterprise Event Automation)

Landing Page

Landing Page

Event Registration Page

Event Registration Page


UX Strategy & Visioning Work

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