5k is off the list! Reached my overall goal of not stopping and running it under 35 minutes at 31:36. Really glad I went through the experience and it’s now encouraged me to do it again and consider setting a time-based goal.

It really helped having a friend of mine push me through practicing (though only trained for three days) but also having her race with me, definitely motivated me to try a lot harder.

We both started at the red corral for runners under 30 min (which totally intimidated me at first) and as much as I wanted to try and keep up at her pace, I needed to remind myself that this wasn’t a race and keeping up at a pace that I wasn’t comfortable with would tire me out a lot sooner than I’d want.


Having trained without any music, made such a difference when I got to use my new wireless headphones during the run. Making the right music playlist to distract me from the freezing weather and keep me going during the run helped significantly.

During this 5k, I avoided any water stops or temptation to walk because I knew it would take twice as much energy to build up my pace again. For my last 200m, I tried my best to sprint the full way through. Honestly overall wasn’t as bad as I initially thought it would be.

Cheers to trying new things!

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