My boyfriend came back to the city this week for a surprise visit while doing some university student recruitment for his company. I’ve noticed every time one of us visits each other, we start to adapt to each other’s habits and schedules in some way.

The past week has been off-schedule in posting blog posts and tracking my usual progress on here; I generally do all my writing and reading before bed, though with him being here this week, we spent most of our time catching up with family and friends. As a result, we ended up getting home too late for me to dedicate extra time and energy to work on my portfolio or blog.

Though some good schedule habits we’ve adapted from each other during this visit:

From me: Getting him to try out an early morning spin class, From him: Sleeping a healthy amount and avoiding those close to all nighter late nights.

Despite these good habits while in the same city, we generally end up losing sight of them once returning to our own city. One thing we both could improve on is finding the balance between these habits on our own personal time on by learning how to manage our time well and prioritize tasks.

Using Notion’s ‘Lightweight To-Do’ template

Using Notion’s ‘Lightweight To-Do’ template


I’ve wanted to try Notion out for a while and recently tried it out again to keep track of my tasks during the week. It’s not something that’s been officially adopted at work and I’ve just been using it for personal use, but it’s been great so far to keep track of daily duties. As a tool, it’s been pretty lightweight, easy to use, with a lot of great organization features from check list to progress categorization.

I thought it’d be cool to test out how collaborative this might be and what better opportunity to try out than planning my next visit with the boyfriend on here. I find planning things to look forward to really fun, motivating and especially as a long-distance couple, it’s been really important to plan time together whenever possible.

Aside from travel planning, understanding our personal goals to keep track of is really important to me. Additionally having someone there to keep me accountable for these goals and vice versa really pushes me further.

I’m totally having one of those “There should be an app for that” moments. Surprisingly, not that many “couple-focused” apps that are more than just messaging and photo sharing focused. For now, we’ll give Notion a try 🤓

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