Slowly falling out of my daily-weekly writing practice already. November has been a busy month. But as promised to myself, I’m checking in with my monthly goal updates to see how much progress has been made since the past month:


Past October Goals

  1. [] Update my portfolio with new work

  2. [] Re-visit some old projects

  3. [✓] Make a habit of writing down any valuable takeaways from conversations on a post it note

  4. [✓] Explore new typography and layout styles for my updated resume

  5. [✓] Make fresh new playlists for work and running

  6. [] Run the Toronto Scotiabank Waterfront 5k


Original #4 and #5 goals from the list: Explore simple motion design to enhance designs for an upcoming work project and write about my past trip to San Francisco - were not accomplished the past month, and will hopefully carry over to this month.

Welcome November. Or basically mid-end November it seems. Some goals set this month and a few crossed off my list:


New November Goals

  1. [✓] Make use of my iPad mini and try out tablet drawing/writing

  2. [ ] One fitness class a week

  3. [ ] Try out a Toastmasters meeting

  4. [✓] Plan vacation time for December

  5. [✓] Upload more visual work on Dribbble

  6. [ ] Practice the art of presentation design

  7. [ ] Find ~ flow ~ in working

  8. [ ] Make a holiday work/play schedule

  9. [ ] Be more positive

  10. [ ] Read an article a day

  11. [ ] Continue updating portfolio

  12. [ ] Online Christmas shopping

  13. [✓] Speak at all-hands presentation

  14. [ ] Plan out portfolio website content


Overview of some recent goals checked off

Trying out the Adonit Pixel

Trying out the Adonit Pixel

Some website change planning this past weekend

Some website change planning this past weekend


Updated homepage layout, not sure how I feel about it completely yet.

Hoping to switch the main project images to some more meaningful snapshots. And boy, tablet writing has been quite difficult to get the hang of. Also not sure if I’ll keep the handwritten name title; strokes seem a bit off my liking but I do like the human element it adds to my website versus being entirely pixel focused.