Productive start to my day today! Finally managed to do some cleaning up, laundry and jogged to a bootcamp class today at Elle Fitness and Social. Not usually much of a morning gym person but somehow today’s 10:30am seemed doable.

Did the same class I did the night before, so wasn’t too much of a surprise getting to the studio. I’m finding group exercise classes a lot more my style vs. a regular gym membership and working out alone. Really hope to keep this flow going, may consider actually purchasing ClassPass after I’ve gone through all my referral credits and managed to squeeze out every possible free trial available within the downtown area.

Definitely have noticed my endurance and stamina improving as those were my general fitness goals when getting into these classes and running the 5k last weekend. Sometimes going into these classes I don’t get too boggled into the specifics and like to go in somewhat surprised, though any type of hip hop influence factored into the description becomes an automatic must-try.

Samantha TuComment