Work headshots came out today! This is 1 of 20-25 photos taken from my shoot and an actual candid from when a co-worker of mine stuck his head into the edit room to make me laugh.

Honestly have genuinely accepted that I’m not photogenic at all and even more so lack on the make up game to fool you all. But I kind of like this photo amongst all my face looking away, try-hard fake candid shots I regularly attempt to pose for.

Studio Session-967 (1).JPG

Gone are the Instagram selfie days and Instagram use in general for me as of recent. My goal every year is to create more than consume. Since the latest Android update and tracking my daily app usage with Google’s Digital Wellbeing Beta preview, I would take notice of my Instagram use being the most amount of time I’d spend on my phone.

Thinking about the endless amount of hours before bed, browsing, judging, feeling insecure, finding some strange fulfillment through likes, comments, views, etc. It just became this toxic feeling I knew I wanted to remove. Maybe in the future I’ll learn how to approach it as a tool that might benefit me in some ways of finding inspiration or better balance in keeping up to date with those I care about, but for now I think I’ll live without it.

More time for me to contribute to this blog instead and consciously think of what I’m posting with meaningful purpose for myself and not to impress others.

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