Deep breath. I’m laying in bed extremely sore as I crank out this blog post. In a big writing mood today (three semi-finished blog posts in progress right now) and just really want to let everything out on my mind.

I’m doing multiple posts versus jumbling up all my thoughts into one because I find the organization a lot better to reference looking back on this in the future. So far I’ve categorized into: Monthly Goals, Personal and Design —

Monthly Goals: will be early month reflection on past months goals set and an overview of what’s been accomplished, as well as new or carried over goals for the new month

Personal: will be anything unrelated to work or design, focusing more on understanding work-life balance and hopefully documented experiences about new things I try out

Design: I’m going to try to write as much as I can about things I’ve learned at work or anything in relation to my journey in product design


This photo I took this evening is a calming reminder to me. I love being by the harbourfront water because it just seems to put me at ease after a long day. It’s where I’ll be doing a lot of my self reflection and it’s also where I did my second run!

Today’s run was a lot more easier to get through than the previous day. I felt a lot more confident in my running form and pace, though I still have much to push through and prepare for running against the wind and breathing.

Breathing has to be the most important thing I’d like to improve on right now. It feels more of a mental habit at times to achieve better control over, just need to remind myself that it’s not a race.

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