I’ve been really attached to spin classes these past few months, partially because I’ve referred enough of my friends to get on ClassPass and utilize the free credits per each referral, but also just have missed riding a bike in general!

Though these spin classes are far more intense than a friendly bike ride down the neighbourhood and have genuinely been great, pushing me both mentally and physically.

Among the spin classes I’ve taken so far at SoulCycle, 6ix Cycle and SpinCo — my favourite classes have really just been dependant on the instructor’s style of music and energy. I find that my riding style really maximizes performance based on how much I’m enjoying the songs (Hip hop, deep house and trap playlists are generally my go-to), in combination with a motivational instructor riding along the entire time with us and spreading positive messages throughout the class to help us get through each sprint/song.

SpinCo Toronto, Spadina Ave.

SpinCo Toronto, Spadina Ave.


Really happy I’ve found something that I can look forward to each week and leave feeling good about myself. Though the $25-30 per class might be worth re-looking for an alternative activity (once these free credits are up), for now I’ll try and stick with my co-worker’s argument of, “At least it’s cheaper than therapy.”

Aside from spin, other things on my list for the month are the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5k this weekend and Barry’s Bootcamp across from my work. Fingers crossed this energy I have right now keeps up despite the cold weather and snow coming the next few months.

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